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The Story

My two worlds come together here to support each other, feed each other and inspire each other.
They are Yin Yoga, and Chinese Medicine.
My journey to become a Doctor of Chinese Medicine has been like climbing an amazing but enormous moutain!
I have spent many years studying Anatomy and Physiology, both at Latrobe University and Southern School of Natural Therapies. I completed my B.A of Health Sciences degree in 2019; Chinese Medicine major, and now offer acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments in my clinic space at The Australian Yoga Academy, Prahran. 
With such a deep curiosity for the human anatomy, I am very interested in supporting the musculoskeletal quandries of my patients. I welcome any and all kinds of patients needing support for their health, with a particular interest in supporting women to have a better relationship with their menstrual cycle.
All too often women suffer immensely during their cycle, and I am passionate about how Chinese Medicine can rewrite a women's experience and relationship to this monthly event.  
Yin Yoga is my other love.
I believe in its' healing potential for the body and the mind. I teach public classes as well as run my own 50hr Yin Yoga trainings. 
I have also been blessed with an amazing role as an educator at The Australian Yoga Academy; lecturing in a variety of content, mentoring students, and encouraging their teaching skills development.

Training & Credentials

B.A Health Science Chinese medicine studies; acupuncture and herbalism majors. 
350hr Yoga TT with Australian Yoga Academy
350hr Yoga TT with Shantarasa Institute, Gujurat India
50hr Yin TT with Jen Crescenzo
50hr Yin TT with Bernie Clark
50hr Yin TT with Paul Grilley

Health Science studies in podiatric practice

B.A in Contemporary Arts Dance major